Neal Schon’s Wife Calls For Truce With Steve Perry


With the feud between Steve Perry and Journey's Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain once again rearing its head, Neal's wife — Michaele Schon — took to social media to urge Perry to work things out with his former-bandmates.

Last month, Perry filed a lawsuit against Schon and Cain "over the use of 20 of the band’s songs as registered trademarks. Between February and May 2022, Schon and Cain were granted trademarks for some of the band’s biggest hits for use on merchandising, such as hats, jackets, shirts, etc., without Perry’s consent."

Michaele Schon posted an open letter to Steve Perry on her social media platforms, which reads:

All I can say  is life is precious and truly is a Blessing.

Steve Perry has decided to make this very public with media. In today’s world, someone cannot make a "threat"  to anyone, especially on tour where band, fans and promoters are involved. etc Steve, minutes before a sold out show, threatens sign his agreement or he won’t perform for the fans, why hurt fans or anyone? ………things go viral now and that doesn’t work in todays (sic) world.

Steve Perry trying to vote Neal out of the band that Neal built since the 70’s was not right. Steve should call and apologize for it. Steve has collected for 3 decades from touring because of his threatening contract in the 80’s This is on top of everything else Steve earns.

So Instead of greed and hostility, maybe try a new approach Mr Perry, please say thank you to Neal, apologize, and say how do we move forward? how do we make things right? How do we work together? Steve try, "You are my Journey brother and let’s make it right now for Us and for the Journey fans!!" (that would be something that will hold a lot of good karma for Mr. Perry) The Journey Fans have their heart in it as Neal always has JOURNEY within this heart!! Every Night for years on tour, Neal talks about Steve and honors the friendship you had, and the timeless music created together! God protected Neal and he continues to for Journey to live on!! please remember as we treat others may it be returned to us.

Maybe just sit and talk kindly to Neal. One on One as the friends that I saw at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Those were real  feelings you both had and I saw it, and please allow it, embrace it and watch the magic return for if nothing else to know we all love you both and don’t want to associate things like this with Beautiful Journey Music!

Steve, Please email, call, send a message and talk.

Life is a blessing,
Lady M Schön

Neal Schon chimed in on the couple's joint Facebook site and posted his own thoughts about the band's latest legal issues, writing, "How would you all react to say a situation where Steve Perry wants to make his OWN T Shirts / Merch that just says Steve Perry Don’t Stop Believin? Or Jon Cain wanting the same thing to sell in his church? It was suggested and I said — These are JOURNEY Songs we created. Not individually."

Neal Schon co-founded Journey back in 1973 — a full four years before Steve Perry joined the already established band. He told us that playing a variety of new markets and having a worldwide presence was always something that he wished for Journey — and was only able to achieve following Steve Perry's departure and the addition of current frontman Arnel Pineda: ["It's not mind-boggling to me, it's always something that I thought we could achieve. We just never went after it in the '80s and when we were playing stadiums, we never spent the time in Europe and we never spent the time in South America or brought anywhere, except the Orient. So, y'know, in a way, it's really cool because all these markets are fresh, new green grounds for us to (laughs) stomp on, y'know?"] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . stomp on y'know)

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