Mick Jagger's kid brother, musician Chris Jagger, has announced he's writing his memoirs. While chatting The Daily Mail, Chris, now 73, said, "Mick and I share similar early influences, and our parents were central to that. Writing took longer than I anticipated. It was a lot harder than I thought. Writing doesn’t have to be all poetry. I’ve even got some recipes in there." No date for the autobiography has been announced.

Mick appears on Chris' new album, Mixing Up The Medicine, which drops on September 10th.

Despite both Mick and Chris Jagger becoming career musicians, Chris revealed that music really played a very small part in the brothers' upbringing: ["No, I didn't really sing in ch. . . We didn't really go to church, I didn't really sing in chur. . .  So, there wasn't really any. . . Y'know, it was just only stuff that I was interested in and following. There were no musical instruments in the house. So, there was no legacy of some kind of musical. . . Though, my grandfather took the choir, and stuff like that. I didn't really know him. There was no one I really knew — I think an uncle played piano, but, I mean, lots of people did in those days."] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . in those days)

Chris Jagger On Lack Of Musical Education :