Mick Jagger Is Up For Working With Dave Grohl Again


Mick Jagger revealed he would work with Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl again. Whole publicizing the pair's new single, “Eazy Sleazy,” on BBC Radio, Jagger said, “I think this is just a one-off thing. I mean, I'm not saying I won't ever want to play with Dave again, I'd love to. I'd love to do some other things with him, but this is just a one-off, for now, it's just a fun thing.”

Jagger spoke about how he and Grohl connected in the first place: “We met quite a few times, we played together on Saturday Night Live, we did a couple of shows together, we did a jam in New York. I'm not saying we're the closest friends or anything but we've kind of kept in touch. I really like his style, he's a great musician, a very all-around guy. He can play a lot of instruments really well. And he's kind of really rocky, and lots of energy, which I like. And so I thought the (Rolling) Stones are a band that very much works in a room, together in a room, and that wasn't possible.”

Jagger went on to talk about how “Eazy Sleazy” came to be, recalling, “So I thought to do this song, this is going to have to someone that's going to be working remotely, and I bet Dave's in L.A. in his house, and I bet his studio is in his house, which of course it is. So it was very easy, and I said, 'Well, what do you think? Would you like to do it?' And he said, 'Send me a song. I'm going in tomorrow, I love it.' So he just did it straight away, so that was really easy. I mean, he's a very easy person to get on with so it was fun doing with him.”

Over the decades, Mick Jagger has always been quite comfortable in his own skin — even while watching music trends come and go with careers zooming up and down the charts: “It's silly to try and be an innovator. You can try to write innovative within your own limits, y'know? You can't be totally new all the time. This image thing is just a thing of media. People have many, many facets of personality — and that includes me. And, so, when you're on the road, for instance, you have a lot more ego, 'cause you really need it to deal with (the) audience, and deal with press, or to deal with the pressures.”

Mick Jagger On Innovation And Ego :