Mick Fleetwood spoke about his rekindled relationship with Lindsey Buckingham — but also hinted that a Fleetwood Mac reunion with the guitarist may not be in the cards.

During a chat with Relix, Fleetwood talked about the pair making peace, having moved past the ugliness and legalities that caused Buckingham's 2018 exile from the band: "I also reconnected with Lindsey Buckingham, and that’s been a nice connection to have. (Some of the animosity) has definitely gone away, and he actually reconnected with me when he heard that (Fleetwood Mac co-founder) Peter (Green) had passed away. And we’ve had some really enjoyable, philosophically a-OK conversations. We know there were things that weren’t going right, and that were going right, and I get quietly reminded about that. That’s why, no matter what we were unhappy about, the reconnect is great."

Fleetwood went on to say, "And I never fail to mention — his input helped perpetuate the whole creative process within the ranks of Fleetwood Mac. It’s a story that should never go away — just like Peter’s story. I still hold him in high regard. Both he and I are able to talk about all these things — these memories — as two people. It’s no secret that he and Stevie (Nicks) are like chalk and cheese; it’s just too much for them to co-exist. But it’s nice to be through that period and to know that we’re talking and philosophically OK with everything."

Lindsey Buckingham's firing came to a surprise to many — especially seeing as how when we last caught up with Buckingham he told us that his relationship with Stevie Nicks was stronger than ever and still extremely important to him: ["Whatever happens with Stevie, I would just wanna, with the band in general obviously, but I mean with Stevie in particular, because I've known her for so long, since I was about 16, one thing that would be very important to me by the time we say 'we're not gonna do this any more,' would be that Stevie and I end up in a really good space together, y'know?"] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . space together y'know)

Lindsey Buckingham Says He Wants To Be In A Good Space With Stevie Nicks :