Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Says What’s Happening In America Is ‘Bewildering’


In a recent interview for Apple Music, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich was asked for his take on the current situation in America, both as a father and as a Danish immigrant. He said, “I think the first word that comes to mind is just bewildering.”

The drummer, who moved to America when he was 17, went on to say, “In Denmark, everything is we, everything is us, everything is just five million Danes standing together and trying to figure out how to move forward together.”

In speaking about his children, who are 22, 19, and 13 years old, he said, “I'm hopeful that unity is in front of America at some point soon.”

Ulrich has made no secret of his liberal views and in a 2016 said that he would consider moving back to Denmark if Trump were elected president.