Metallica has wrapped its “Metallica Mondays” YouTube concert series with the band's full, pro-shot March 3rd, 2017 concert from Mexico City. Metal Hammer reported drummer Lars Ulrich addressed fans prior to the screening and said, “Since much of the world, thankfully, is in much better shape than it has been for quite some time — not everywhere, I know that — we figured that since there’s such a big week happening in Metallica, maybe we should sunset 'Metallica Mondays.' Unfortunately, this is the last one. Of course there’s a part of me that hopes 'Metallica Mondays' can return in some way, shape or form, but obviously, we don’t want it to be because of COVID-19 returning again. So fingers crossed.”

Ulrich went on to say, “Thank you for letting us help you a little bit through these crazy, surreal, challenging times. We’re so grateful, appreciative and honored that these Mondays have gotten Metallica friends and family all over the world together to share an experience and connect with each other in times of darkness and uncertainty.”

All told over the last 23 weeks, the series raised over $100,000 for Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation.

Lars Ulrich told us a while back that the members of Metallica have gotten along consistently well ever since getting through the turbulent days of the early 2000's: “I mean, look, we don't wake up in the morning and call and see how the others slept. I mean, we don't spend 24-7 together. But the time that we share is definitely, to me, feels as solid and as mutually respectful as it's ever been.”

Metallica's March 3rd, 2017 set list in Mexico City, Mexico was:

Lars Ulrich intro
“Atlas, Rise!”
“For Whom The Bell Tolls”
Kirk Hammett solo #1
“The Unforgiven”
“Now That We're Dead”
“Moth Into Flame”
“Harvester Of Sorrow”
“Halo On Fire”
Robert Trujillo solo
“Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)”
“No Remorse”
“Sad But True”
“Master Of Puppets”
Kirk Hammett solo #2
“Fade To Black”
“Seek & Destroy”
“Nothing Else Matters”
“Enter Sandman”

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Says Band Gets Along Well :