Metallica Drops 1993 Live Version Of ‘Of Wolf And Man’


Metallica has dropped a live recording of the "Black Album's" "Of Wolf And Man." The live track was captured on May 22nd, 1993 in Mannheim, Germany and will be featured on the band's upcoming massive 30th anniversary box set for the 1991 album set for release on September 10th.

Also out now from Metallica's accompanying covers set, The Metallica Blacklist, is Royal Blood's version of the "Black Album's" "Sad But True." 

When we last caught up with Lars Ulrich, he told us that Metallica's primary objective is doing the best it can to satisfy its fans: ["The main thing really is just the fans. How do you communicate with your fans, how do you get the music to the fans, how do you offer your fans the best Metallica experience that you can?"] SOUNDCUE (:08 OC: . . . that you can)

Lars Ulrich Says Metallica’s Main Concern Is Its Fans :