Madonna Still Walking On Crutches After Tour Injuries – Gets Dinged By Instagram For False Covid-19 Claims


Madonna opened up in an emotional post online about her health, and her hopes to recuperate following the injuries sustained during her 2019-2020 Madame X Tour.

“This video gives me hope that not only will I be walking without crutches one day soon but also Dancing and Roller Skating Again!! I Miss being the Dancing Queen !! 💃💃💃 Having the time of my life!! 🙏🏼 #positivethinking #mindovermatter,” Madonna captioned the post, which featured clips from her 2006 music video for “Sorry,” from 2005’s Confessions on A Dance Floor.

Meanwhile, Madonna posted a viral video on Tuesday showing a group making unsubstantiated claims about coronavirus, including Stella Immanuel, who has a history of making outlandish claims, including that endometriosis is caused by sex with demons.

“The truth will set us all Free! But some people dont want to hear the truth. Especially the people in power who stand to make money from this long drawn out search for a vaccine Which has been proven and has been available for months. They would rather let fear control them and let the rich get richer and the poor and sick get sicker. This woman is my hero 🙏🏼 Thank you Stella Immanuel,” Madonna wrote.

Instagram displayed a “False Information” warning before the Madonna post can be viewed, citing facts to correct the post, including that there is no cure yet for COVID-19. Her post was originally taken down, and then re-uploaded hours later.

The video shows a group calling itself America’s Frontline Doctors in front of the Supreme Court, claiming that neither masks nor shutdowns are necessary to fight the pandemic. It was live-streamed by Breitbart and viewed more than 14 million times, as well as being promoted by President Donald Trump before being deleted.

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have removed the videos. Twitter said that they were “in violation of our covid-19 misinformation policy.”