Long Lost 1981 Van Halen Video Discovered


Van Halen fans are blown away by the appearance of a very rarely seen promo video shot for the band's 1981 favorite, "So This Is Love?" Loudersound posted the backstory for the clip from a YouTuber named Kosmo VanHalenItalia.

He explained, "At the end of 1981, Van Halen filmed some videoclip settled in a Jurassic park in Italy, the 'Prehistoric Park' of Rivolta D'Adda (near Milan). The band was engaged in a European tour for promoting Fair Warning. These videos aired on Italian state television, RAI 1, during a TV show called Happy Circus. Van Halen Italia Fan Club found those video clips and shares them with fans all over the world."

David Lee Roth will always represent the height of the hedonistic 1980's. Roth has been known to enjoy numerous romantic partners throughout the years, and has freely discussed his various liaisons in the past: ["I think the record number was probably something like seven or eight. At that point, y'know, I just resorted to, like, calling it like a volleyball game, where you just, y'know, watch back and forth, and you go, 'OK, switch!' (laughs) And the formation changes, and . . . in French, they go, 'Changement!' (laughs)"] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . they go "Changement! (laughs)")

David Lee Roth explains the physics of multiple bedmates :