Kurt Cobain’s Estate Slams ‘Unauthorized’ Film Last Days


Kurt Cobain’s estate has slammed the adaptation of Gus Ban Sant’s dramatized film Last Days by London’s Royal Opera House, saying that the production is an “unauthorized attempt” to continue exploiting the fictionalized story the late singer’s final days.

The estate said in a statement, “Last Days has been created and written without permission.  This show, just like the movie, is an unauthorized attempt to benefit from the brief meeting set up with Kurt and Gus Van Zant. This one meeting has been exploited for profit for thirty years now and enough is enough.”

A spokesperson for the Royal Opera House issued the following response, “The Royal Opera’s production of Last Days is adapted from Gus Van Sant’s cult film of the same name, released in 2005. It is a fictionalized account, and was produced with the permissions of Gus Van Sant and HBO.”