Kansas Scores Big On The Charts With New Studio Set


Kansas has scored big on the Billboard charts with its latest album, the just-released The Absence Of Presence. The album, which marks, the prog legends' 16th studio, set has hit Number Four on the Current Rock Albums chart; Number 10 on the Top Albums chart; and Number 10 on the Top Current Albums chart.

The Absence Of Knowing is also doing fantastically overseas, soaring to Number One on Sweden's Rock/Metal Albums Chart; Number Two on the UK's Rock Albums chart; and Number Four on Switzerland's Albums Charts.

Drummer and co-founder Phil Erhart shed light on the new lease on life Kansas has been enjoying over the past few years: “I think it's a couple of things. We first noticed, kind of, a resurgence in our audiences when the documentary came out — (2015's) Miracle Out Of Nowhere, the Kansas documentary, there was a bit of an uptick there. Nothing gargantuan of course, but we noticed more people were coming — there was just a better response to our concerts. And then we had the change in personnel, with (frontman and keyboardist) Steve (Walsh) retiring, so that was a whole new sound. A whole new approach to doing Kansas music.”

Phil Ehart On Modern Kansas Fanbase :