Jon Bon Jovi Wishes Richie Sambora ‘Had His Life Together’


Jon Bon Jovi managed to get a good slam in to his former bandmate and songwriter partner, Richie Sambora while promoting his just-released new Bon Jovi album, 2020.

During an online chat with Germany's Rock Antannae, Bon Jovi went so far as to insinuate that Sambora's life is in disarray — as well as surmising that the band might've fallen prey to "laziness" had Sambora not bailed in 2013: ["Some things happened that are the catalyst for why other good things happen. Y'know, there's not a day that goes by that I don't wish that Richie had his life together and was still in the band. And, yet, y'know, in a weird way, it's because of his inability to get it together anymore that we went on and wrote This House Is Not For Sale and it was a very strong record and that I'm able to write songs like this. Maybe we would've gotten lazy. I don't know where we would've gone. But, through all that pain and heartbreak came this."] SOUNDCUE (:31 OC: . . . heartbreak came this)

Jon Bon Jovi On Finding Strength Without Richie Sambora :