John Fogerty Sends Trump Campaign Cease And Desist Letter


John Fogerty has sent a cease and desist letter to President Trump's campaign for the use of his 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival hit, “Fortunate Son,” at his campaign rallies.

Last month, Fogerty, a veteran of the United States Reserves, had publicly lambasted Trump across his social media platforms for brazenly using the song against his wishes.

Fogerty has now tweeted his army portrait next to his message to fans and the Trump re-election campaign:

I object to the President using my song, ‘Fortunate Son’ in any way for his campaign. He is using my words and my voice to portray a message that I do not endorse.

Therefore, I am issuing a ‘cease and desist’ order. I wrote this song because, as a veteran, I was disgusted that some people were allowed to be excluded from serving our country because they had access to political and financial privilege. I also wrote about wealthy people not paying their fair share of taxes. Mr. Trump is a prime example of both of these issues. The fact that Mr. Trump also fans the flames of hatred, racism and fear while rewriting recent history, is even more reason to be troubled by his use of my song.

Because of his lower middle class upbringing and his own military service in the Reserves, John Fogerty was able to take a long and hard look at how the was in Vietnam shaped a generation of American. We asked Fogerty — the man who wrote “Fortunate Son” in the age of Richard Nixon over 50 years ago — what he makes of our current Commander in Chief, Donald Trump: “Well, having lived through both eras, I wanna thank Donald Trump for doing what he can to return us back to the Nixon-era. He's managing to bring us all together (laughs). The project you're working on is America, so you kinda want him to get business done — whatever that is. I mean, yeah, there's a lot of things he wants to do — I'm not necessarily in favor of; for instance, that wall. I happen to be a liberal and a democrat, so I think all that becomes pretty obvious, actually. I don't want him to fail. . . I mean, certainly the thing with North Korea, we don't want him to mess that up — y'know what I mean?”

John Fogerty On Trump Mirroring Nixon :