Joey Kramer Will Not Join Aerosmith’s Farewell Tour


According to Aerosmith, original drummer, Joey Kramer will not be on the Farewell Tour.

The band released a statement that “He has regrettably made the decision to sit out the currently scheduled touring dates to focus his full attention on his family and health.”

In 2019, Kramer had to miss some shows due to a “minor accident.” Then months later, before a performance at the Grammy‘s, the band reportedly asked him to audition.

After that, the other band members said he “did not have enough energy.” He responded by suing the group, claiming he was “being deprived of the opportunity to be recognized along with his peers. Kramer also noted that none of the other band members had ever been forced to audition after they suffered their own respective health problems.

Kramer eventually did join Aerosmith on the 2020 Grammys to accept their honor, but he didn’t perform with the group. He returned for a short time before his wife, Linda, passed away.

According to guitarist Joe Perry, he’s still an official member of the band, and has been for over 50 years, but won’t be sitting behind the drums.

Aerosmith’s Farewell Tour kicks off Sept. 2, in Philadelphia.


  • Due to health reasons, original drummer, Joey Kramer will not be on Aerosmith‘s Farewell Tour,
  • The tour kicks off Sept. 2, in Philadelphia.