According to a new interview with Christine McVie, Fleetwood Mac may be packing it in — or at the very least, saying goodbye to the road for good. The 77-year-old McVie, who returned to the band in 2014 after a 16-year hiatus, spoke to about the Mac heading back on tour, and said, "That’s an impossible question to even answer. If we do, it would be without John (McVie) and without Stevie (Nicks), I think. I think I’m getting a bit too old for it now — especially having had a year off. I don’t know if I could get myself back into it again. I know Mick (Fleetwood) would do it in a lightning strike, but I couldn’t possibly say . . . We’re certainly not touring this year either."

In 2018 and 2019, following the firing of Lindsey Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac — with Heartbreakers guitarist/songwriter/producer Mike Campbell stepping in to cover lead guitar duties and Crowded House frontman Neil Finn supplying rhythm guitar and vocals — played an 88-date tour taking in shows in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

McVie shed light on her ex-husband, bassist John McVie's desire to retire from the band: "He’s feeling a little bit frail. Y'know, he was ill — he’s fine — but he just hasn’t got the heart for it anymore. He wants to get on his boat. You reach a certain age where you go, 'Hey, I’m not gonna bust a gut doing this anymore.' Y'know, it all looks very nice when you come and see the show, but the work that goes behind it to get to that point is unbelievable."

A while back, Christine McVie told us that the members of the classic lineup of Fleetwood Mac are connected by a bond that transcends time and distance: [“I just think that there’s an inextricable chemistry between the five of us, which will never go away, because that just is what it is, y’know, until we’re 90 it’ll be there. No matter how far we go apart in our different spheres of music, when we get together, it’s just something that, y’know, sparks fly.”] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . y’know sparks fly)

Christine McVie On Fleetwood Mac Chemistry :