Graham Nash Reveals David Crosby Had Covid At Time Of Death


Graham Nash revealed that his late-partner David Crosby died in his sleep while battling another bout with Covid, according to Rolling Stone. Nash, who was publicizing the May 19th release of his latest solo set titled Now, on the Kyle Meredith With podcast, spoke frankly about Crosby's passing last January 19th.

Nash explained, "He was rehearsing for a show to do in Los Angeles with a full band. After three days of rehearsals, he felt a little sick. And he’d already had Covid, and he had Covid again. And so he went home and decided that he would take a nap, and he never woke up. But he died in his bed, and that is fantastic."

He went on to say, "I mean, the fact that he made it to 81 was astonishing. But (his death) was a shock. It was kind of like an earthquake, y'know? You get the initial shock and then you figure out that you survived. But these aftershocks kept coming up, and they’re diminishing in size as I go along."

Regarding their strained relationship over the past half-decade, Nash revealed, "I’m very pleased that David and I were getting closer towards the end. He had a good life. I mean, what incredible music he made. He was a fantastic storyteller. I loved him dearly. In looking back at what separated us, it was just foolish stuff, really. The music is the most important part of our relationship."

A while back, Graham Nash told us that the connection between David Crosby and himself always led to the two making music together, whether or not Stephen Stills or Neil Young were involved: ["David and I had always had a musical affinity for each other, we always continue to play with each other whenever there's a spare moment. So it wasn't because CSNY wasn't happening, that me and David decided we would do that, we were doing it as well as."] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . as well as)