George Harrison’s Unreleased ‘Cosmic Empire’ Gets New Lyric Video


Just released is an elaborate new lyric video for George Harrison's unreleased May 27th, 1970 demo for "Cosmic Empire." The track is among the countless unissued gems unearthed for the upcoming super-deluxe box set edition of 1970's All Things Must Pass.

The track, which was never officially recorded for the album, was taped on the second day of demos recorded at Abbey Road Studios for producer Phil Spector. The first day had featured contributions from bassist Klaus Voormann and Ringo Starr with the second day showcasing Harrison alone tackling "Cosmic Empire" and 14 other tunes now set for inclusion on the box.

In April 1970, while gearing up to begin sessions for All Things Must Pass — and only weeks before recording "Cosmic Empire" — George Harrison appeared on England's Fact Or Fantasy and spoke candidly about his spiritual quest: ["I went to India to learn a bit of Indian music and inside had a desire to know about yogis — and I wanted to know more about that. So, I had the opportunity to find out about it in India, and consequently, that led into meditation, because, there's, like, a goal in life. . . Really, the only reason to be living is to have complete, full knowledge, full-bliss consciousness. Everything else is just mundane and secondary. And so, I wanted to know some method of enlarging my own consciousness."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . my own consciousness)

George Harrison On His Spiritual Quest :