Foo Fighters Announce Pre-Tour L.A. Club Gig


Foo Fighters have announced a pre-tour Los Angeles gig at L.A.'s Canyon Club on Tuesday, June 15th, according to Metal Injection. The 610-person captaincy venue in Agoura Hills, will — like their June 20th Madison Square Garden show — will be a vaccinated-only gig, with tickets on sale now and going for $26 in celebration of the group's 26th anniversary tour.

Although the band is being lauded by most fans for ensuring the highest safety protocols for the upcoming concerts, some people have taken to the Internet to vent their frustrations with the Foos, with NME posting some online slams against the band for only allowing fully vaccinated attendees.

Libertarian comedian Josh Denny posted online: "Never buy another ticket to a Foo Fighters Concert. Not all people that choose to NOT vaccinate are conspiracy theorists. Some people, very close to me, have autoimmune conditions that make the vaccine a high risk proposition. 'Vaccine mandatory' is 2021's 'whites only.'"

Longtime bassist Nate Mendel told us a while back what he thinks has been a key to the Foos' longevity: ["Well, one of the things, I think, that's made the band work so well is how we kind of structured it in the beginning and the opportunity we had, because Dave had been in Nirvana, to do things the way we wanted to do it. We didn't have the pressure that a lot of bands do of having to write the hit song. I mean, thankfully Dave's a good songwriter and able to write catchy songs, but we don't have that pressure where you have somebody breathing over your shoulder, and I think that really is something that destroys a lot of bands."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . lot of bands)

Foo Fighters’ Nate Mendel On Why The Band Has Lasted So Long :