Duran Duran is now streaming “Invisible” — they lead track from their upcoming album, Future Past, according to Billboard. Future Past, which drops on October 22nd, marks the band's first album in six years, and was co-produced by Erol Alkan, Mark Ronson, and the legendary Giorgio Moroder — best known for his string of Donna Summer '70s classics.

Simon LeBon spoke about the new track on BBC Radio and explained that the band chose to hold the band's 15th album back during the pandemic: “'Invisible' is not a party tune. We didn’t feel it was right to come out with a party banger. We’re still in these hard times. . . But we’ve got the party banger.”

Over 40 years since forming, keyboardist Nick Rhodes told us that not much has really changed regarding how Duran Duran approaches making music: We're. . . still very much the same sort of band as we were right at the beginning in one sense. And that's that we're, sort of, chaotic. We get in a room together, um, just like an art school project, we all stare at each other for a little while. Then we start fiddling with things and playing together and seeing what we get and what direction we would like. We might discuss it a little bit — but it mostly comes organically.

Nick Rhodes Sound mostly comes organically :