Don Dokken Says Netflix Is Making A Movie About Dokken


Netflix is making a scripted movie about Dokken.

Don Dokken described the plot, which is set in 1989. He said: “It takes place with four guys that are fans of Dokken and they're following us around and trying to meet us. I think that's the premise of the movie.”

In an interview posted by Blabbermouth, he said it all got started about the time Covid hit, so that slowed things down. He didn’t know a lot of the script details, but said it would probably cover the main reason the band broke up, which was “massive Coke”.

He said, “I don't do coke. So, I was kind of the odd man out. A lot of drinking, a lot of partying. And actually I was getting down 'cause we were getting so close to like being at the top, being a headliner band, and then I just couldn't save the band.”

He said it’s being helmed by the same director that worked on Motley Crue‘s, The Dirt. Dokken has been asked to narrow down who will play each of them, but he didn’t reveal any names.