Deep Purple Dominates Charts With New ‘Whoosh!’ Collection


Deep Purple can rest easy with their new album — the band's latest Bob Ezrin-produced set — Whoosh!, a bonafide success around the globe. The album is literally all over the Billboard albums charts.

Whoosh! has also topped the album chart also in Finland, Germany, Belgium, and Scotland, as well as hitting Number Four in the UK —  marking Deep Purple's highest chart entry in 46 years.

Whoosh! has scored high on the various Billboard charts:

#1 Hard Music Albums

#1 Record Label Independent Current Albums

#2 Current Rock Albums

#3 Record Label SMEI (Sony Music Ent) Albums

#6 Internet Albums

#11 Top Current Albums

#11 Top Albums w TEA

#11 Billboard Top Albums

#23 Record Label Independent Current Albums Consumption

Frontman Ian Gillan told us that the band's current lineup is one of the best, because the members all trust each other: ["Well, it's like any group of people, really. I think you function much better when you trust people and when you've got a sort of relationship where you can develop ideas within a framework. When we go to the studio now it's just pure joy."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . just pure joy)

Ian Gillan On Deep Purple Trusting Each Other :