Deep Purple Credits Famed Producer For Strength of Upcoming Set


Deep Purple returns on August 7th with the release of the band's latest set, Whoosh! The album, which had been pushed back due to the ongoing pandemic, marks Deep Purple's third straight collection featuring legendary Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd producer Bob Ezrin behind the boards. Ezrin helmed the band's two last critically acclaimed sets Now What?! from 2013 and 2017's Infinite.

According to co-founding drummer Ian Paice, it was the bar that Ezrin set that keeps the level of Deep Purple material up to snuff: “Quite honestly, if we gave less than 100 percent, Bob Ezrin would be out the door. His time is valuable, his reputation is. . . just speaks for itself. If he didn't believe that we were giving everything that we could give him to make a good record, he'd be saying, 'Bye guys, see ya — get somebody else'”

Like most bands, Deep Purple had been planning on touring to support the new album — but have been sidelined by the coronavirus. Ian Paice explained that as rough as it is for the band to cool its heels off the road — it's even more painful for their longtime road crew: “It's really tough for them. We've done what we can — we've advanced Christmas bonuses and things like that, and we put some merchandising up for anybody who wants contribute a t-shirt, or a hat, or something. Y'know, we've done as much as we can do without physically hurting ourselves. Lots of bands have done nothing — a few bands have done more; it's a matter of available and disposable cash. We've done what we can, because we, y'know, we want those guys next year.”

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