Debbie Harry Would’ve Been Drawn To The Sex Industry If Hitting NYC Today


Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry fled from her suburban upbringing in Hawthorne, New Jersey and quickly made her way to the mean streets of late-1960's New York City. Harry, who's currently on the road with Blondie spoke with Esquire, who pressed her about what she would be aiming for if she was a young woman hitting New York City today.

Harry revealed, "I think that probably now I would go into the sex industry. . . I don’t know, but that’s a clandestine area, and I was always interested in the clandestine. That’s what attracted me to the music world. And I don’t know where you can find that so much these days."

She was asked how old she was when she decide to make Manhattan her home — and what exactly she was seeking out: "I don’t know. 20? I was just at the end of being a teenager. . . I was trying to find myself. I wanted to be an artist or to be in showbiz; I wanted some excitement, some glam-a. I wanted out of what was expected of me. I wanted to live, live!"

Debbie Harry told us that it doesn't feel like it's been nearly 50 years since Blondie formed in Manhattan's Lower East Side: ["Doesn't seem that long to me. The only time that it seemed long ago was after 9/11. All I could think of then was, 'Oh God, I wish it was the '70s again.' But that was 'cause it was such a shocking event and such a horrible thing that sort of rocked my world — rocked all of our worlds. And I thought, 'Oh, God.' I was just really nostalgic — and I am not a nostalgic person. I really enjoy moving on, and y'know, living."] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . and y'know living)

Debbie Harry On Nostalgia :