Dave Grohl Jams With Superfan On Instagram Live


Dave Grohl superfan Pat Finnerty got on Instagram Live over the weekend on something he dubbed "Grohlathon" as part of his The Pat Finnerty Show. His goal was to get Grohl to join him for a live cover of Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing." Well, it worked. Nine hours into the marathon session, Grohl made his appearance.

At the time, Finnerty was sitting next to a cardboard cut-out of Grohl when the Foo Fighter frontman yelled, “What the f**k are you guys doing?” After some explanation about the project, Grohl joined on the drums and he and Finnerty played the song.

Finnerty told Rolling Stone, “Grohl was as cool as I knew he would be . . . My whole f***ing life has been spent looking at Grohl. In high school, all I did was listen to Nirvana. And if I want to watch a documentary now, there’s Grohl. And he plays with the Beatles. He plays with Led Zeppelin.”