Chris Cornell’s Widow Corrects ‘Misinformation’ About Late Singer’s Statue


Chris Cornell's widow, Vicky Cornell, turned to social media on Tuesday (August 25th) to "clarify the misinformation" that is spreading about the recent vandalization of Cornell's statue outside of the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. Although people have blamed rioters and "save the children" protestors, Vicky said that is untrue. She wrote in part, “A few days prior to the vandalism, someone wrote in sidewalk chalk ‘Save the Children’ in front of the statue. It rained the night before. Consequently, by Thursday AM when the vandalism occurred, much of the chalk writing was gone leaving only the words ‘Children.’”

She added that the accounts who have been spreading the “false narrative” also liked posts that encouraged vandalism. Vicky wrote, "We would appreciate it if those accounts would stop spreading misinformation and fomenting discord, as it tarnishes Chris’ legacy, masks the truth, and hurts those who Chris loved as well as Chris’ true fans.”

The statue was vandalized on August 20th with white paint.