Brian Johnson Recalls The Love Fest At Taylor Hawkins Tribute


AC/DC frontman admitted the initial Taylor Hawkins memorial concert at London's Wembley Stadium was just as emotional offstage as the fans thought. Johnson just published his latest book and first official memoir titled, The Lives Of Brian.

At the September 3rd Taylor Hawkins tribute at Wembley Stadium, Brian Johnston took the stage with Foo Fighters, Metallica's Lars Ulrich on drums, with the Darkness' Justin Hawkins joining in for a double dose of AC/DC classics — "Back In Black" and "Let There Be Rock."

We caught up to Brian Johnson and asked him to descibe the scene for what fans didn't get to see: ["Aw — y'kiddin' me? It was brilliant! I never felt so much love backstage from everybody for one man and his family were there and were hugged — and his sons. Just old friends. . . Y'know, I saw Joe Walsh comin' offstage and I went 'Joe Walsh! You didn't tell me you were here!' And he came over and he hugged us and he said, 'Brian Johnson — now I know everything gon' be alright!' I was ready to rock, and y'know, young Lars (Ulrich) was on the drums there. Ah — it meant a lot to me and, y'know, young Dave (Grohl) was just sittin', smilin' his ass off."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . his ass off)

Brian Johnson On Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show :