Billy Joel’s August Fenway Gig Going On As Scheduled


Finally some good news from the Billy Joel camp regarding his upcoming stadium dates. Boston fans can breathe a sigh of relief; the "Piano Man" has just posted a message on his official website ( stating, quote, "The Billy Joel concert at Fenway Park on August 4th will play as scheduled."

Fans were starting to get worried about the Fenway gig after Billy's May 26th announcement that his July 9th concert at Detroit's Comerica Park had been rescheduled for exactly one-year later, and now play on  July 9th, 2022.

Summertime has always brought Billy Joel and his band out to the ball parks. We asked Billy if he sees any similarity between ball players and musicians: ["Absolutely. You can't swing for the stands every time. Once in a while, you gotta take a pitch. It's similar to writing. You can't have a great season every season. It's just not natural — it'd be unnatural. You'd burn out. Look, when you go into a slump, the best thing is not to swing for the stands, you try to connect with the ball and it happens with musicians as it happens with athletes. There's a lot of similarities. The height of a musician's career in age is about the height of an athlete's career — it's somewhere between the ages of 18 and 35 (that) are your peak years."] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . your peak years)

Billy Joel On Similarity Between Baseball And Songwriting :