Billy Joel remains uncertain if his outdoor concerts set for this summer and fall will definitely take place. During a chat on The Chazz Palminteri Show podcast, the "Piano Man" revealed that only time will tell if his upcoming shows in Detroit, Boston, Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Austin will end up going forward. 

While talking with The Bronx Tale writer and star, Billy said that he was only able to definitely confirm his Madison Square Garden dates: ["All I know is we're booked in November again, to start again at the Garden. We don't know if we can start again before that. We need to have 100 percent seating capacity for it to work. 'You play less than that, it's like you're playing to half a crowd. It's not the same thing. So, we were supposed to do stadiums this summer — but they're all iffy. Nobody knows for sure. So, the only thing I know for sure is we'll be back in the Garden at November and then there's, like, six month's worth of booked gigs starting then."] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . gigs starting then)

Palminteri pressed Billy to list his favorite out of all his albums: ["My favorite album woulda been, either the last album I did, which was The River Of Dreams — or, The Nylon Curtain, which was kinda heavy. That was a heavy album. But I was very proud of that when that was finished. And then the more fun albums to do were, like, Glass Houses was a blast to do. That was fun — and so was The Innocent Man album."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . Innocent Man album)

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