Axl Rose Calls Vladimir Putin A ‘Callous, Lying, Murderous, Little Man’


Axl Rose took to Twitter to thank Guns N' Roses fans as the band wrapped their European tour. Blabbermouth reported, in addition to thanking the tour's special guest Carrie Underwood, Rose saluted late-Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and dedicated the leg to him. He also used the opportunity to publicly slam Russian President Vladimir Putin calling him, "a callous, lying, murderous, little man."

Axl Rose's tweet, which was posted in several parts, reads in full:

I'd like to thank everyone that came out to r shows in Europe!! U were AMAZING!! We hope u had fun n' hope to see u again sooner than later!! I also want to thank everyone in London for being so understanding of r challenges and apologize again to r fans in Scotland for having to postpone r performance there. Rescheduling or being forced to cancel rn't things that r done lightly especially with r fans, the size of the endeavor and everyone from the fans, the cities, the venue's, the promoters, the crews n' everyone involved taken very seriously into consideration.

I'd like to thank Carrie Underwood and her team for coming all the way to the UK for r shows at Tottingham (sic)!! YEAH!!! She's AMAZING!! AND in this case a REAL lifesaver!! At least someone could sing!!

It's just a simple gesture n' it's awkward dealing with the gravity of something like this but in an effort to pay r respects we'd like to dedicate this tour to our friend Taylor Hawkins. Taylor was a really great guy and it was always great to see him! He was a great n' always welcome part of touring these last few years! This is such a horrible thing and r hearts go out to his family, friends, band mates and everyone who love him.

I'd also like to thank everyone for showing such love and support during the tour for the people of Ukraine and their noble and horrifying fight for freedom against an increasingly totalitarian regime ran by a callous, lying, murderous, little man with outdated ambitions and no regard for human life.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in South America!! See you SOON!!!

Guns N' Roses kicks off their South American tour on September 1st in Manaus, Brazil at Arena da Amazonia.