AC/DC’s Angus Young Says Jimi Hendrix Inspired Schoolboy Uniform


AC/DC guitarist and leader Angus Young is aware that his stage gear — dressed as an English school boy — will always be a major component of the band's live show. In a new chat with Goldmine, he explained why he still loves donning the cap and shorts for concerts, explaining, "Some people look great in civilian gear. Like when I was younger and saw Jimi Hendrix, and went, 'Wow!' It’s the image; that’s the first thing when you’re younger. How cool he looked! How cool he played. And I thought, 'I want to be that cool.' So I put the school suit on. That’s my thing. Why do people come to see us play? It’s the school suit. It works!"

Young admitted that people would be baffled to ever see him onstage without the customary garb: "Yeah, it’s like going to see a Spider-Man movie and going, 'Wait a minute! Where’s his suit?' You pay money to see Superman or anybody, and you want to see the guy in the suit. Or Batman. He’s the ultimate. And they’ve had different Batmans, but you just wanna see the guy in the suit."

Angus told us a while back that AC/DC has always stayed true to its roots: ["As a band, y'know, we started playing rock n' roll music, and I think people — y'know, they know AC/DC's a rock n' roll band. You go see AC/DC, and, y'know, you get a, y'know, a rock n' roll show."] SOUNDCUE (:10 OC: . . . rock n' roll show)

Angus Young says ACDC has always been and will always be a rock n roll band :