Wednesday Morning Storms Cause Structure Fire in County Executive’s Home


Amongst power outages and frequent lightning Tuesday night, Dade County Executive Commissioner Ted Rumley experienced a terrifying experience.

Lightning struck a spring pump in the Rumley household just after two o’clock Wednesday morning and almost immediately, the house began to fill with smoke. “The noise would have woken anybody up,” said Rumley. “The windows were rattling on the house.”

A fire had started in the crawl-space of the Rumley household after the lightning struck. Rumley remarked it was even scarier looking through the damage after the fire than it was during the event. “It’s scary to see how close it was to (spreading further); it started at the other end of the house,” Rumley said as he was cleaning out the wreckage. Local fire departments reported to the location in time to save the house. “We were lucky we were home. If we were out and about, it would be gone.”

Several power outages and lightning strikes were reported across the Mountain-Valley area from Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

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by Orey Yates