Dade county Sheriff Ray Cross said that several students were interviewed and hand writing samples were examined. No one has been charged at this time but they will continue their investigation. The Sheriff said he believes the threat was not credible nor was anyone was at risk, but added that he will treat each and every threat or rumored threat as serious; so to keep a safe environment for our kids.

Superintendent Josh Ingle said this afternoon also, the incident at DCHS today remains under investigation and school officials will continue working with local law enforcement. The safety of our students and staff will remain top priority.


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Dade county investigating a possible threat at Dade County High School.

Superintendent Josh Ingle issued the statement below.

DC Law Enforcement officers are on campus at DCHS with school officials investigating a threat written on a bathroom wall. At this time, law enforcement and school officials do not believe the threat to be credible nor anyone at risk. The issue remains under investigation and we are thankful for law enforcement presence.


From Dade Sheriff

Our Office currently has an increased officer presence at the Dade County High School. Personnel are investigating a threat at the school.

We will update the community as we seek to resolve the issue and do not feel at this time it to be a credible threat or risk.
Sheriff Cross adds that we will treat each and every threat or rumored threat as serious; such as our response in maintaining a safe environment for our kids.