Trenton to received $803,262 in Federal Funds from The American Recovery Act


The priority topic of discussion at Monday’s meeting of the Trenton City Council was the receipt of funds from the American Rescue Plan by the City of Trenton.


Mayor Alex Case announced that the City received $803,262 in recovery funding from the Department of Treasury. Based on the stipulations provided by the Treasury Department, the Council will decide on where the funds are to be focused. While there was no decision made on Monday Mayor Case said a work session with commissioners would be scheduled, City infrastructure and sewage systems were discussed as the main concern, they are only certain things the money can be used for. Water and Sewer upgrades are on the list.

Mayor Case, as well as others on the council, expressed concern that continued rains, coupled with non-degradable matter in the clay pipes may spell disaster for Trenton if not cleared. A “screw press” system employed by Scottsboro, AL could be the answer to those problems.

Another matter on the docket; Street Commissioner Monda Wooten reported that the City was actively looking for employees to apply and work for the City.

Jane Dixon of the Alliance for Dade spoke at length, asking the City Commission and Mayor to take a greater responsibility in visiting and welcoming new businesses in Dade County, citing the recently opened Canyon Gallery art supply and studio as an example of a unique storefront in our city. She expressed hope that the powerful members of the community take interest and introduce themselves, making our city’s new business-owners feel welcome. Dixon also suggested citizens of Trenton embrace non-locals and visitors, recommending them to other local businesses and scenic locations in the county; mentioning the beautiful Lavender Farm on N. Moore Road in New Salem.

July 3rd 1945 County Fair celebration will be held at Jenkins Park. This is an all-day event open to the public.

The council then stepped into executive session to discuss a personnel matter for roughly 45 minutes before adjourning the meeting. No action was taken.

By Orey Yates

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