Monday, 7/25: Trenton City Police Department received a call this weekend from the Hammondville, AL Police Department regarding the maintenance truck that went missing from the road maintenance facility last week. The truck was found on the side of the highway in a thick patch of kudzu. None of the other road maintenance department equipment was found. Authorities are still investigating the theft.

The following is a picture of the still-missing Ingersoll Rand Club Car: According to the Trenton Police Department Facebook page, the sprayer was not on the side-by-side at the time of the theft. If you have any information regarding the theft, call the Trenton City Police Department at 706-657-4167.


The Trenton City road maintenance facility experienced a robbery that happened sometime Thursday night or early Friday morning. Authorities are investigating the theft of a maroon ’97 Ford F-150 pickup, along with a 5 x 8 trailer, an Ingersoll-Rand side-by-side vehicle, seven weed-eaters, and several boxes of Trenton City Road Maintenance equipment. The Trenton City Police Department is investigating the robbery.

From what the maintenance crew and investigators could tell, the thief took a locked gate off its bolts, let themselves into the facility, smashed a garage window, took the keys to the pickup, and used road maintenance signs as a ramp to load the side-by-side into the trailer before heading to a nearby warehouse and attempting to hot-wire two golf carts. The theft of the golf carts was unsuccessful.

Authorities are investigating the robbery. If a member of the public has any information, please call Trenton City Hall/Police Department at 706-657-4167.

by Orey Yates