Trenton City Appeal Commission Delays Decision on Denied Package Store


A special called meeting by the City of Trenton Appeal Commission was held on Tuesday, July 12th at the Trenton City Hall meeting room at 2pm. President Larry Case, alongside members Johnny Bradford and Steve Hendrix, attended the meeting in order to hear Swati Deval and Saurin Patel speak on behalf of the 80 Oakwood Avenue property that was denied as a location for a proposed package store.

Deval and Patel, along with the real estate agents that are helping them handle the sale of property, presented evidence for their case that the property on Oakwood Avenue was identical to one of the two properties that was approved for a package store, concerning Trenton City’s zoning. The prospective package store owners provided maps and pictures of the area as evidence to their case. The individuals also provided a list of 17 signatures from the citizens of Auburn Ridge apartment complex stating that they were fine with a package store in the location, as the City Planning Committee had stated that they received a single letter from someone representing Auburn Ridge dissenting the placement of the package store. “We were provided no written reasoning for the denial,” Swati Deval told the reporter, stating they wanted to cover their bases.

Afterward, citizens were able to provide their input. Many who were in attendance spoke in favor of the package store’s location and rights to have been approved. Daniel Case spoke on behalf of the City Planning Committee, stating that the location was subject to the same standards as every other proposed location. The 80 Oakwood Avenue property was the one that had received the most objection.

“You’ve presented a good case–a darn good case,” said Appeal Commission President Case. The Commission went on to state that, due to the date and time that the public meeting that was set (2:00pm on a Tuesday), they did not feel like there was anyone from the Edgewood community were able to be there to speak their opinion on the proposed package store.

After breaking for an executive session; the Appeal Commission stated that they had 30 days to make a decision and send a response letter to those making the appeal. Afterwards, both sides agreed to attempting to approach the Edgewood community with a petition regarding the package store, needing a majority.

Below is the plans for the proposed package store at the 80 Oakwood Ave. location:

by Orey Yates