Executive Commissioner of the Dade County Board of Commissioners, Ted Rumley, appeared on the K-WIN Today program for his weekly update on Thursday. During the interview, Executive Rumley spoke about the sinking on Highway 136 W, heading up Sand Mountain above The Venue at Lilly Lou’s wedding venue.

In the late 80’s, a wall had been placed to shore up the side of the mountain underneath 136 West. According to Rumley, there are exposed beams from that project where the mountain has dropped roughly 10 feet since the original project; enough that a human is able to walk under. Rumley states that within the next couple weeks, a team will be cleaning out the brush in that area to allow a crew to reach the problem area and be able to come up with a solution to the problem. Rumley states that he is sure there will be road closures in the upcoming months as teams will be working to solve the problem.

Rumley also speaks on the railroad situation that causes traffic issues in the industrial park, as well as the bridge on 136 near Dade County High School. Watch the entire interview below:

by Orey Yates