State Board Adopts Rule Change: DCH Upholds Rights of Georgians, Restricts Out-Of- State Providers from Delaying Georgia Approved Projects


Fort Oglethorpe, GA On Thursday, October 13th, the Northwest Georgia Hospital Coalition
(NGHC) applauded the unanimous decision by the State of Georgia Department of Community
Health Board, preventing outofstate entities from stalling stateapproved healthcare projects.
The clarification to the State’s Certificate of Need (CON) process will prevent future appeals by
entities, like Parkridge Health System, from denying Georgians access to care.

The Northwest Georgia Hospital Coalition is a nonprofit community led organization formed by
Catoosa, Dade and Walker County residents and supported by our locally elected officials. Our
sole mission is to support and improve access to care for our citizens. We are a growing region
and believe that with the advancements in medicine we require and deserve a new modern
hospital to serve our families.

“Our focus has always been and remains to be, improving access to care. We have a provider
who is committed to investing over $100 million to build a modern healthcare facility today. For
another hospital to try to deny our community and residents that right, is beyond my
comprehension. Fortunately, our state has strong leaders who care about our future. The
adoption of this rule change by DCH should be commended by all Georgians, said Hospital
Coalition Chairman Jonathan Connell

This decision by DCH is another tremendous win for Georgians and their access to quality
health care. Furthermore, it continues to illustrate the need for Parkridge and HCA to withdraw
their ridiculous CON challenge. Parkridge continues to be out of step with the Department of
Community Health and the good people of Georgia, stated Senator Jeff Mullis.

Prior to the unanimous decision, the department acknowledged the widespread support, citing it
received 129 letters of support encouraging the adoption of the rule change. Importantly, not a
single opposition was raised.

Once again, the NGHC would kindly request that Parkridge Health System and HCA Leadership
withdraw its appeal, honor the decision by DCH, and allow Northwest Georgians access to care.