Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross and Marion County Bo Burnett made their appearance on K-WIN TV’s Sheriff Talk this Wednesday, 12/14.

During the appearance, Sheriff Cross spoke about the arrest of Donald Rudolph Moore, age 59, for Child Pornography amongst various other charges. According to Cross, Moore had been committing several other crimes, including podcasts related to child pornography.

After speaking about the Moore case, Sheriff Cross stated that he had read on a social media site that Dade County Sheriff’s Department had been accused of ‘sweeping facts under the rug’ regarding a previous child pornography case concerning students at Dade County High School. According to Cross, that specific case was conducted by NCIS out of Washington, D.C. Because the case was being conducted at a federal level, Dade County Sheriff’s Department were not allowed to make statements related to the case, and any decision not to move forward with the case would be in the hands of the NCIS.

You can watch the entire episode of Sheriff’s Talk below.

by Orey Yates