Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday to speak on the issue of Venezuelan migrants being dropped off by a bus line in Rising Fawn, Georgia.

Tucker Carlson, who hosts the vastly popular opinion-based entertainment program on “Fox News” asked the sheriff to describe the situation, where several Venezuelan citizens were dropped off at a gas station in Rising Fawn. The Venezuelan people were told they were being dropped off in “walking distance of Chattanooga,” said Cross. “Which that is not true; Chattanooga is a good 20 mile distance from the south-end of the county where they were dropped off.”

Sheriff Cross spoke with the owner of the “Coastal Crew Change” bus line, out of Irving, Texas. After some confusion as to the destination and ability to get the men, women, and children of Venezuelan origin back on the bus, Sheriff Cross ushered onward to Chattanooga and out of Dade County and Georgia, as a whole.

At the end of the interview, Sheriff Cross alleges that, based on the conversation he had with the owner of the Coastal Crew Change company, he believes the company had promised the people of Venezuelan origin that they would transport them to Washington, D.C. and charged the Venezuelans accordingly. However, the Coastal Crew Change bus was dropping the unsuspecting people off along the route. “These people were trying to trade (foreign currency) for American dollars in the store,” said Cross. “They had no money to buy food or water.”

There was no mention if charges would be alleged against the fraudulent actions by Coastal Crew Change.

Fox News has the full video

by Orey Yates