New Owner for Woodhaven; ‘A Hand Up’ Ministry will take over the 11,000 square foot facility


A Hand Up Ministries had been praying for weeks for a location to further their women’s ministry outreach. Rent prices have skyrocketed, but the ministry had outgrown its previous habitat. But from darkness comes light: back in June, Woodhaven Senior Living Facility was shut down after the owner, Kent Womack, was found to have allowed the temperatures within the facility to have risen to nearly uninhabitable conditions. Womack was charged with Cruelty to Persons Over Age 65, and has since been released on bond. With Woodhaven closing, an opportunity arose that provided Rex Mayo and Hands-up Ministries a location to perform their mission.

“God’s grace provides,” said Mayo. Once repairs agave been completed on the over-11,000 square foot facility; Hands-Up hopes to be able to provide at-risk women of all ages a place to learn marketable skills that will help them transition into the work force. “We’re hoping to be able to get a good footing within 90 days,” the minister continued.
Mayo said that the ultimate goal of any of A Hand Up Ministry’s projects is to glorify God in all they do. Specifically with this new location, he is hoping to focus on benefiting the community with a service “totally different than what anyone in town is doing.” Mayo said he wasn’t finished hammering-out the details of what life will look like at the facility: “We don’t even have a name for it yet.” But the goal would be a revenue-gaining business where the women could live and work in an environment that would give them the skills to be positive impacts in the community.
By Orey Yates