Both Dade Middle School and Dade High School have been continuing on a hybrid schedule; attending in-person twice weekly, and attending from home three times per week. During this time, according to the post below, there have been a number of missing assignments from students. Dade County High School official Facebook page posted the below message asking for parental help in this matter:

Superintendent Josh Ingle added the following statement:

“Our goal is to be able to offer in-person learning as much as possible.  Research shows that students learn best when they are in school, not only for academics, but for the social / emotional aspect as well.  However, due to the increase in active COVID-19 cases, we felt that the hybrid model for middle school and high school was the next best option.  While students are on the hybrid model, I encourage them to remain in contact with their teachers.  If they do not understand a concept, send an email and ask.  We want to support them as much to the best of our ability, but we also need them to support their teachers as well.  Working as a TEAM will yield the best results.”

by Orey Yates