Melissa Bradford announces she will run for District 4 County Commissioner this November


Melissa Christiansen Bradford

Candidate for District 4 County Commissioner

Dade County is my home! My husband and I love living and raising our children on my Father’s home place. It is an honor to be able to live on the land that my grandfather owned.  My roots go back about 100 years on Lookout Mountain. It is a true blessing to my husband and I to have our boys fishing, swimming, and boating etc.… in an area with so much history from my family.  I truly love the wonderful natural beauty the County has to offer.

In April, I was called on to serve with the board of commissioners. I could say I had a lifelong apprenticeship with my father Allan Bradford Commissioner of 20 years.  While I did not ever plan to serve, I always enjoyed conversations with my father. I fully committed myself to serving the county though my fathers’ term. Since April, I have really enjoyed serving the people of District 4 and Dade County.  In addition to my previous experience and certifications with the appraisal office, I’ve since completed nearly a dozen courses of instruction bringing me up to speed for my duties as a commissioner.  I plan to continue working hard to completing my commissioner certification. I’ve enjoyed navigating the process and working with the other Commissioners along with our County staff to address the needs of the County. I have already developed great relationships with state and county officials, in this short time of being commissioner.

With prayer, I have made the choice to keep servicing the people of District 4 and Dade County. I am announcing that I will be running in the November election and ask for your vote.