Los Angeles Man with Atlanta ‘Hit-and-Run’ Warrant Runs Arrested After Running from Dade County Officer


Around 7:30 on Wednesday, Officer Gordy of the Dade County Sheriff’s Office responded to a car parked on the side of the road near the 8 1/2 mile-marker on Interstate 59.

Officer Gordy identified the driver of the car from his Los Angeles, California driver’s license as Theodis Otis Stacey, 43; who had an active warrant out of Atlanta, Georgia for a Hit and Run charge. According to Dade County Sheriff’s Office, when Officer Gordy informed Stacey of his warrant, Stacey fled on foot. Stacey attempted to run through the nearby woods, but after around a minute was caught up in the briars and underbrush. A taser was used in the apprehension of Stacey; and he is being charged with Obstruction to Justice.

by Orey Yates