Multiple crews from local fire and rescue departments have been deployed, at the request of FEMA to Thibideaux, Louisiana to assist with Hurricane Ida recovery operations.

Beginning September 3rd, Tanker 3 of West Brow Fire & Rescue spent two weeks stationed at Coteau Fire Department as part of the Georgia Mutual Aid Group covering fire response for the county. According to their official Facebook page, “West Brow Fire & Rescue is proud to be able to serve those in need, both locally and across the United States. We greatly appreciate the support of our community as we conduct these types of operations.”

This week, Trenton-Dade County Fire sent E-10 engine with crew down to Thibideaux and were assigned at Bourg Fire Department, where they will be serving 24 hour on-call shifts for the remainder of their shift.

Alongside physical presence; there are other ways our local departments have been helping the efforts. Davis Fire Department has been collecting and sending food and supplies to the affected region.

If you wish to help, contact your local fire and rescue, and see how you can be a part of the relief efforts

Images from Coteau Fire Department Facebook page:


by Orey Yates