The following are unofficial final totals from the November 2nd Dade County Special Called Election, as well as the Trenton City General Election. Official counts will be released shortly.

Unofficially, there were 1039 votes cast (roughly 11% by population)


Dade County Special Called Election

District 4 Commissioner:

Melissa Bradford: 715

Bella Donna: 324


Trenton City General Election

Police Commissioner

Kirk Forshee: 80

Mike Norris: 147 – Winner


Parks & Rec Commissioner

Terry Powell: Unopposed – Winner


Question 1: Sunday Alcohol Sales – Passed

Yes: 130

No: 104


Question 2: Package Sales – Passed

Yes: 133

No: 100


Question 3: Liquor by the Drink – Passed

Yes: 128

No: 105



by Orey Yates