Historically Low Unemployment in Dade County

Prosperity in Dade could be felt as Commissioner Ted Rumley announced during last Thursday’s commission meeting that Dade County’s unemployment has dropped to 2.3%; the first time it has been this low since May 2001.
In April, 2021; The rate dropped to 2.3% in Dade, 2.4% in Catoosa 2.8% in Walker. And jobs are still plentiful; as nearly every store and restaurant window or sign boasts “Help Wanted” in Trenton proper.
Neighboring Jackson County has matched Dade with 2.3%  DeKalb County is even lower at 2.0%. Tennessee is not Fairing as well Marion County and Hamilton County has 4.3% unemployment.
As for who is drawing Unemployment benefits in Dade County the latest information shows only 69 new claims in the mouth of April.
Positive news dictates positive change as the regions employers are pressured to find more and more ways to attract potential employees. Starting wages of $13/hr and higher are being offered, as well as sign-on bonuses. It’s a good time to be a job-seeker in the valley.
Dade’s 30 plus year unemployment Graph
By Orey Yates