Governor Brian Kemp Signs House Bill 1302, Providing Tax Refund to Eligible GA Taxpayers


Governor Brian P. Kemp today signed House Bill 1302 providing a tax refund to all eligible Georgia taxpayers.

“When government takes in more than it needs, I believe those dollars should be returned to the taxpayer, because that is your money – not the government’s,” said Governor Kemp. “In Georgia, we are taking swift action to lessen the impact of the federal administration’s disastrous policies that have driven record-high inflation over the last year by putting taxpayer dollars back in the pockets of hardworking Georgians. I appreciate our Office of Planning and Budget and the members of the Georgia General Assembly who worked with us to ensure this important measure was passed, and Commissioner Crittenden and the Department of Revenue for their hard work to get these funds dispersed quickly and efficiently.”

“Georgia’s commitment to fostering economic growth through conservatism has positioned communities to flourish in each corner of the state,” said Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. “Although our state coffers have seen record-breaking numbers from continuous investment in the Peach State, we must maintain fiscal responsibility by putting dollars back in the hands of Georgians. I applaud Governor Kemp for leading this charge and appreciate my colleagues in the General Assembly for working to prioritize Georgia taxpayers.”

“We are returning more than a billion dollars to Georgia taxpayers as part of our continuing commitment to budget conservatively while meeting the needs of a growing, thriving state,” said Speaker of the House David Ralston. “I appreciate Governor Kemp’s leadership and his willingness to work with the General Assembly on this and other important policy initiatives this session.”

HB 1302 will provide for a one-time tax credit for taxpayers who filed income tax returns for both the 2020 and 2021 taxable years. Once a qualified taxpayer files an individual income tax return for tax year 2021, the Georgia Department of Revenue will automatically credit the taxpayer with a one-time refund amount:

  • Single, Married Filing Separate – $250.00
  • Head of Household – $375.00
  • Married Filing Joint – $500.00

Governor Kemp, in addition to the many members of the House and Senate who voted in favor of this important measure, would like to thank the following bill sponsors of HB 1302:”I applaud Governor Kemp’s leadership in returning surplus revenue to the deserving, hardworking taxpayers of Georgia,” said Floor Leader Josh Bonner. “Our state, by applying sound, conservative budgeting principles, continues to set an example for others to follow.”

Taxpayers who have already filed their taxes for tax year 2021 will not need to adjust their tax returns. Those eligible taxpayers will receive their refund in the manner they indicated on their tax return (paper check or direct deposit). The Georgia Department of Revenue has more information on their website.

“Georgians are very lucky to have had Governor Kemp’s leadership through these unprecedented times.” said Floor Leader Clint Dixon. “His decision to reopen the economy before any other state during the pandemic led us to a record-low unemployment rate and record-high job creation, and now, we’re fortunate to be able to return over 1 billion dollars in surplus funds back to the pockets of hardworking Georgians. At his direction, Georgia will continue to lead in the Great Recovery.”

Governor Kemp, in addition to the many members of the House and Senate who voted in favor of this important measure, would like to thank the following bill sponsors of HB 1302:

  • Chairman Shaw Blackmon
  • Chairman Chuck Hufstetler
  • Chairman Kasey Carpenter
  • Floor Leader Jodi Lott
  • Chairwoman Karen Mathiak
  • Floor Leader Lauren McDonald
  • Floor Leader Steven Meeks