Georgia Primary Election Day; KWN News Now Facebook Page Will Have Live Election Results


Tuesday, May 24th is the date of the Republican and Democratic Primaries in Georgia. Voting will conclude at 7pm Eastern on Tuesday, May 24th. Be sure to tune into KWN News Now’s Facebook page for live local election results.

As a reminder, while early voting took place at the Dade County Administrative Building, voting on the 24th will be held at the precinct located within your district, or within the City of Trenton for city residents. The precincts are as follows:

West Brow Precinct                                                        Trenton Precinct

West Brow Community Center                                           Dade County Administrative Building

131 Griffin Rd                                                                  71 Case Ave.

Lookout Mtn., Ga. 30750                                                  Trenton, Ga 30752

North Dade Precinct                                                       Davis Precinct                           

Wildwood Community Center                                            White Oak Baptist Church/Life Center

63 Wawona Dr.                                                                5491 Hwy 301

Wildwood, Ga. 30757                                                       Trenton, Ga 30752

New Home Precinct                                                        South Dade Precinct

New Home Community Center                                          South Dade Community Center

3565 New Home Rd                                                         263 School St.

Trenton, Ga. 30752                                                           Rising Fawn, Ga 30738

New Salem Precinct                 

New Salem Community Center

12477 Hwy 136

Rising Fawn, Ga 30738


On the ballot, the following will be running:

Dade County:

County Commissioner, District 1

Incumbent; Lamar Lowery (R)

Chris Wade (R)

County Commissioner, District 2

Incumbent; Phillip P. Hartline (R)

Patrick Hickey (R)

Board of Education, District 1

Incumbent; Daniel Case (R)

Board of Education, District 2

Incumbent; Jennifer Hester Hartline

State of Georgia:

State Representative, District 1

Incumbent; Mike Cameron (R)

Jackie Harling (R)

State Senator, District 53

Steven M. Henry (R)

Colton Moore (R)

United States Senator

Incumbent; Raphael Warnock (D)

Tamara Johnson-Shealy (D)

Herschel Junior Walker (R)

Latham Saddler (R)

Kelvin King (R)

Josh Clark (R)

Gary W. Black (R)


Incumbent; Brian Kemp (R)

Catherine Davis (R)

Tom Williams (R)

David A. Perdue (R)

Kandiss Taylor (R)

Stacey Abrams (D)

State Representative, District 14

Incumbent; Marjorie Taylor Greene (R)

Eric Cunningham (R)

James Haygood (R)

Charles Lutin (R)

Jennifer Strahan (R)

Wendy Davis (D)

Marcus Flowers (D)

Holly McCormack (D)

The following are sample Non-Partisan, Democrat, and Republican ballots:

The following questions will be included on the ballots:


1. Should the United States remove obstacles to economic advancement by forgiving all student loan debt?

2. Should all Georgians have access to paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child?

3. Should every three- and four-year-old in Georgia be given the opportunity to attend a high-quality preschool free of charge?

4. Should Georgia voters have the right to gather signed petitions to directly place questions on the ballot, whether to change the law or poll the public?

5. Should families earning less than $150,000 per year receive an expanded tax credit to help cover the cost of raising children?

6. Should the State of Georgia expand access to health care for over half a million Georgians by utilizing federal funds to expand Medicaid?

7. Should the State of Georgia expand voter access by increasing early voting opportunities, allow same-day voter registration, removing obstacles to voting by mail, and installing secure ballot drop boxes, accessible at all times, through Election Day?

8. Should marijuana be legalized, taxed, and regulated in the same manner as alcohol for adults 21 years of age or older, with proceeds going towards education, infrastructure, and health care programs?

9. Should the State of Georgia incentivize the development of clean, renewable energy sources to support America’s energy independence?


1. The Biden administration has stopped building the border wall and illegal border crossings have dramatically increased. Should securing our boarder (sic) be a national priority?

2. Education is the largest line item in the state budget. Should education dollars follow the student to the school that best fits their need, whether it is public, private, magnet, charter, virtual or homeschool?

3. Florida has passed a law to stop social media platforms from influencing political campaigns by censoring candidates. Should Georgia pass  such a law to protect free speech in political campaigns?

4. Two of the three current federal work visa programs are lottery based. Should federal work visas instead be issued on job skills?

5. Biological males who identify as females have begun competing in female sports. Should schools in Georgia allow biological males to compete in female sports?

6. To prevent ballot tampering, state law prohibits political operatives from handling absentee ballots once they have been marked by the voter. To protect the integrity of our elections, should the enforcement of laws against ballot tampering be a priority?

7. Absentee drop boxes are vulnerable to illegal ballot trafficking. Should absentee ballot drop boxes be eliminated?

8. Crime has dramatically increased throughout the country including in our capital city of Atlanta. Should the citizens of residential areas like the Buckhead community of Atlanta be allowed to vote to create their own city governments and police departments?

Voting will conclude at 7pm Eastern on Tuesday, May 24th. Be sure to tune into KWN News Now’s Facebook page for live local election results.

by Orey Yates