“Free Puppies” Documentary Presented by Dade County Pet Project


Local nonprofit, the “Dade County Pet Project” will present a film next Saturday, October 22nd heavily featuring the Dade County area.

The South has a consistent problem with animal overpopulation; an issue that the Pet Project’s Monda Wooten is passionate about. Wooten credits the three years of hard work put in by the film’s production team.

“They went on a transport up north with a bus-load of dogs… into a hoarding situation with us. They really got down in there, getting fleas all over them. They saw the good, the bad, and the ugly,” states Wooten.

Wooten states that the documentary helped her gain a new appreciation and understanding for the gross overpopulation that the South faces that went beyond her 25 years of experience rescuing animals, crediting a lack of education and resources.

The film features a score by Judge Joel McCormick and cinematography by son Carter McCormick.

The showing will cost $7 to the public. There will also be a silent auction and refreshments; all proceeds going to spaying and neutering for local animals.

by Orey Yates