Site Designed to Inform Citizens about their Criminal Justice System

Today, the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney Chris Arnt announced the launch of a new website designed to educate and engage the citizens of Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit.

“Our community is more focused than ever on their criminal justice system – and we think that’s great,” said Arnt. “We want to support and facilitate our community’s interest because citizen involvement is vital to ensuring that the criminal justice system reflects the values of those we serve.  The public rightly expects the District Attorney’s Office to operate in a transparent manner. This updated website will provide people with an unprecedented amount of information on how we pursue justice in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit. We are eager for people to see for themselves how we work to hold the right people accountable in ways that remove the most dangerous criminals from our community, reduce recidivism, foster public safety and promote community health.”

The website includes information about the District Attorney’s Office and the devoted public servants who work there. There are victim and witness resources — including court, law enforcement and subpoena information. Information on the innovative programs utilized to pursue justice, such as Mental Health and Drug Courts is also included on the new website. District Attorney Arnt also posts information about trials and cases once they are officially concluded. Finally, the website features many photos of the beautiful landscape of the area represented by the office, which includes Catoosa, Chatooga, Dade and Walker Counties.

Over the past several years, inaccurate information about important issues in the criminal justice system has become commonplace. District Attorney Arnt wants people to have a source of accurate and trusted information. “The truth is that prosecutors are leaders in modernizing the criminal justice system and public safety. Many may not realize that the prosecutors’ role in the criminal justice system has both opportunities and limitations. We are committed to helping the public understand both their role and ours in pursuing justice and keeping our community safe.”

District Attorney Arnt’s office is also utilizing Facebook as another avenue to help educate and engage citizens. All are encouraged to visit the Lookout Mountain Judicial District Attorney’s website and Facebook page regularly to get the latest information.

The website addresses are; The Facebook page address is

Photos on the site were provide by Jessica Pressnell Photography and Judy Faustine photography.